Facebook vs. Twitter: 2010 in review

Social media has taken the world by storm. The following infographic compares Facebook with Twitter and their demographics to help us see where we need to focus our marketing efforts.

In 2010, Facebook wowed us with 500 million users, whereas Twitter ranked up 106 million users. For a micro blogging platform, it is performing better than anticipated.

In comparison to awareness of the platforms, Twitter only lags behind by 1% (87%) with Facebook leading at 88%.

A series of infographic on the way, starting with SEO for beginners

SEO FAQs – A Guide

This infographic covers Keyword Research, Site Architechture & Structure, Page Optimisation, Link Building, SEO Tactics, Linkbaiting & Social Media and SEO vs PPC.

If you’re a newbie to the SEO world, this graphic illustration clearly explains the ins and outs of where to start and maps your way through. Get to know your SEO Tactics from your PPC. Enjoy!

Original source: www.datadial.net
Original source: www.datadial.net

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We are “Your Digital Agent“. We will help create your digital footprint. We all need one, it works and connects us, when we are sleeping.

The founder has a background in writing, technology (every aspect from technie, to developer, to web designer and to project manager), co-founded and ran a growing software company, public speaking, assisted in developing social networking platforms, traveled to the USA to learn about technology and business and worked for an insurance company. Starting a digital agency to help form your digital footprint was a logical step.

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Going digital makes connecting easier and fun :)

I love the online world, I also love the offline one. Social media is the cheese to my macaroni, since it combines a social and connection aspect with technology that allows us to do really nifty stuff.

You can do anything online, share everything with everyone and purchase goods from Thailand from the comfort of your chair. The Internet has revolutionized the way we interact with each other. Some say it is invasive, and I would agree. But I would also agree with the way social media has brought us all closer together.