Project: Shana Kay – Entrepreneur, social media lover, geek, digital agent and more

Interests: technology, writing, South Africa and storytelling, social media, entrepreneurship, strategizing, connecting people, psychology of human mind, intercultural social behavior, NLP, education, inter-racial behavior, male and female psyche, male and female dynamics in social and work sphere and many more to follow.

For more information on Shana Kay – visit her website: or follow her on Twitter

Project: FEMTECH – Business Support Programme

Become part of a peer network of women facing similar challenges and opportunities. Here you can share your experiences and learn from each other.

You will be exposed to:

•    structured learning through workshops
•    ongoing personal mentorship and coaching
•    group-centered learning
•    women-centered peer networking

For more information on the programme – visit their website: or follow them on Twitter