A series of infographic on the way, starting with SEO for beginners

SEO FAQs – A Guide

This infographic covers Keyword Research, Site Architechture & Structure, Page Optimisation, Link Building, SEO Tactics, Linkbaiting & Social Media and SEO vs PPC.

If you’re a newbie to the SEO world, this graphic illustration clearly explains the ins and outs of where to start and maps your way through. Get to know your SEO Tactics from your PPC. Enjoy!

Original source: www.datadial.net
Original source: www.datadial.net

Project: YESlaaik Lifestyle -> Online Shopping Portal

Company name: YESlaaik Lifestyle (PTY) Ltd
Description: Online shopping portal specifically catering for South Africans and the environment.

Project detail

  • Social media
    • Facebook management
    • Twitter management
    • LinkedIn management
    • Blog management
  • Paid for advertising
    • Facebook advertising campaign setup and execution
    • Google advertising campaign strategy
  • Link building
  • Copy writing
  • Copy editing