A series of infographic on the way, starting with SEO for beginners

SEO FAQs – A Guide

This infographic covers Keyword Research, Site Architechture & Structure, Page Optimisation, Link Building, SEO Tactics, Linkbaiting & Social Media and SEO vs PPC.

If you’re a newbie to the SEO world, this graphic illustration clearly explains the ins and outs of where to start and maps your way through. Get to know your SEO Tactics from your PPC. Enjoy!

Original source: www.datadial.net
Original source: www.datadial.net

Project: Infointeg -> Trust Seal and Digital Certificate Provider

Infointeg is provider of TRUST SEALS and DIGITAL CERTIFICATES. The company will verify and certify online content because they are passionate about information and its online integrity.

Their core business is to provide these services to clients who would like to have their company information, people information and any claim or fact-based information verified by an independent third party. They are the first company to offer a full verification service for online information.

For more information on Infointeg:

Visit their website: http://www.infointeg.com
Follow them on Twitter
Join their Facebook fan page:  http://www.facebook.com/infointeg
Join their LinkedIn group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Infointeg
Connect with the on Silicon Cape: http://www.siliconcape.com/group/infointeg

Project detail:

  • Social media
    • Facebook management
    • Twitter management
    • LinkedIn management
    • Blog management
  • Paid for advertising
    • Facebook advertising campaign setup and execution
    • Google advertising campaign strategy
  • Link building
  • Copy writing
  • Copy editing


Your Digital Agent

We live online, we’ve made friends online, we’ve connected people online. We have a passion for all things online.

The digital world is our world. We crave it, it inspires us to be and do more. Its backbone is technology and we are whoo’ed by its ability to create, manifest and evolve.

We are “Your Digital Agent“. We will help create your digital footprint. We all need one, it works and connects us, when we are sleeping.

The founder has a background in writing, technology (every aspect from technie, to developer, to web designer and to project manager), co-founded and ran a growing software company, public speaking, assisted in developing social networking platforms, traveled to the USA to learn about technology and business and worked for an insurance company. Starting a digital agency to help form your digital footprint was a logical step.

Contact us should you need help at shana@yourdigitalagent.com or visit the official website http://www.yourdigitalagent.com.

Project: Bandwidth Barn – ICT Business Incubator

The Cape Town-based Bandwidth Barn has been in operation since 2000 and is today regarded as one of the leading ICT business incubators in the world. The Bandwidth Barn is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Cape IT Initiative (CITI), a Section 21 company, and the development and promotions agency for the ICT sector in the Western Cape.

Focusing on the ICT Sector in the Province, the BWB encourages innovation and provide ongoing training and support needed to help ICT SMMEs to overcome the entry barriers to employment, start-up, survival and growing their businesses and thus accelerate their development.

For more info:

Follow them on Twitter: http://twitter.com/bandwidthbarn
Join their Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bandwidth-Barn/104346482543
Connect with them on Silicon Cape: http://www.siliconcape.com/group/bandwidthbarn

Project: Shana Kay – Entrepreneur, social media lover, geek, digital agent and more

Interests: technology, writing, South Africa and storytelling, social media, entrepreneurship, strategizing, connecting people, psychology of human mind, intercultural social behavior, NLP, education, inter-racial behavior, male and female psyche, male and female dynamics in social and work sphere and many more to follow.

For more information on Shana Kay – visit her website: http://www.shanakay.com or follow her on Twitter

Going digital makes connecting easier and fun :)

I love the online world, I also love the offline one. Social media is the cheese to my macaroni, since it combines a social and connection aspect with technology that allows us to do really nifty stuff.

You can do anything online, share everything with everyone and purchase goods from Thailand from the comfort of your chair. The Internet has revolutionized the way we interact with each other. Some say it is invasive, and I would agree. But I would also agree with the way social media has brought us all closer together.