Project: Find the fun – Finding new ways to bring the fun back

Complicated, difficult, no fun? Sound familiar? It’s time to bring the fun back. Life is previous and meant to be simple and fun. Find new ways to fill your time with enjoyment and fun by visiting Find The Fun!

Find new fun ways to interact with:

  • your friends
  • your family
  • your lover
  • your parents
  • your co-workers

Find the fun facilitates workshops as well as team-building sessions.

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Project: Shana Kay – Entrepreneur, social media lover, geek, digital agent and more

Interests: technology, writing, South Africa and storytelling, social media, entrepreneurship, strategizing, connecting people, psychology of human mind, intercultural social behavior, NLP, education, inter-racial behavior, male and female psyche, male and female dynamics in social and work sphere and many more to follow.

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