Setting up a new business can be overwhelming. The key to any good business strategy lies in its identity and the way the business and its people engage with the world at large.

Step 1: once you’ve decided on a company name, register the company name, then start hunting for and create the following:

  • domain name
  • twitter handle
  • facebook page
  • LinkedIn profile
  • register on industry-related sites / portals

Step 2: start creating a following, before launching your business, why?

  • feedback from potential clients will help identify more important needs
  • feedback from potential users could help identify holes needing repair
  • your growing following will already be accessible one your business is launched
  • grows an awareness of something new on the way

My favorite resources to connect with clients as well as family and friends are:

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Silicon Cape:
  • Skype

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